Classrooms are well planned with comfortable seating arrangement.There are limited numbers of students in each class.
Science laboratories are well equiiped and designed in 3 separate spacious halls speicially designed by HSEB.
Computer lab has been included as a regular class in the weekly schedule
Students are provided E-mail and Internet facilities.
Library is well equipped with wide selection of reading and refrence materials
Parents teacher meetings are organised on a regular basis. Such method has helped a lot accesssing and sorting out the problem of the students.
Scholarship policy such as Freeship, half freeship and awards (for every term topper) are provided for academically bright and deserving students.
A new canteen is being planned which will provide launch and refreshments at an affordable rate.
Transportaion is provided to and from the main points
Games & sports are scheduled in weekly routines. Sufficient space for games such as badminton, volleyball, basketball and table tennis etc. are provided.
Extra curricular activities are designed to promote hidden talents of the students.Freshers’ welcome, NEF Day Talent shoe, Farewell Program and Sports week are regulat annual activities in the college.
Complain and suggestion: a separate box is provided for the students, where they can drop their free and frank opinion, suggestion and complain if any
Personal counseling is provided for those students who are academically weak and who are suffering from family stess as well as mental disturbances.

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