Students who have completed the SLC examinaion or equivalent examination under recognized board will be asked to take the Entrance Examination conducted by NEF.
Admission will be based on the aggregare SLC and Entrance Examinataion score and interiew performance The admission for the students will commence immediately after the publication of the SLC results.

Class XI Science/commerce/Hotel Management

The candidate should have passed the SLC examination or and equivalent examination under recognized Board

To qualify for the Science courses the candidate should have:
* taken Optional Mathematics fot he SLC examination
* a minimum score of 210 in science , compulsory mathematics and english

To qualify for the commerce/hotel management course, the candidatie should have
* A minimum score of 120 in compulsary Mathematics and English.


1. Students with the above marks are eligible to apply for admissions to NEF colleges i.e.Bhanubhakta,Little Angles & Xavier Academy. However, possessing these alone will not guarantee admissions.
2. Students will have to pass the college Entrance Examination and then be able to do well enough in the interview to be able to get into the Merit List to be published by the college.
3. Students whose names appear in the Merit List will be admitted to the college in order or merit, depending on seats available

Courses For 10+2 Level

Courses for science
S.NO. Subject
1. English
2. Maths
3. chemistry
4. Physics
5. Biology
6. Nepali
Courses for Commerce
S.NO. Subject
1. English
2. Accountancy
3. Business Maths/marketing
4. Economics
6. Nepali

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